Dried Flower Care Tips

Dried flowers can be a gorgeous addition to your home decor. They are easy to take care, but are very very delicate, so we'd like to take you through some best practices and care tips to make sure that your blooms stay looking gorgeous!

Dried flowers can last for years, but they will change over time. As a natural product they will shed, but they can also look more voluminous as they settle and 'open up'. 


Tip no. 1

Water & moisture are a big no no!

Dried blooms do not like water, for this reason we advise not to keep them in bathrooms or kitchens where the air may be quite moist. It makes their stems weak and mouldy - if your stems are dyed, it could also make the colours run. Keep them warm and dry at all times. Sometimes vases can capture moisture and humidity within them so check the stems within the vase now and then - see that they’re nice and dry. If they look a little moist, think about putting them in a different vase.



Tip no.2

Dried flowers are very fragile.

Please take lots of care when handling your blooms. We package our dried flowers in thick & sturdy cardboard tubes to ensure that your stems arrive safe and sound. Look out for the arrows on your package - you'll see a message that reads 'Open This Side'. It is very important that your flowers are removed from the base of the stems. Do not remove from the flower head side, you will risk damaging them. 

When the flowers are removed, they may be compressed from being in their protective casing and some shedding may occur - this is completely normal. It can be tempting to shake them out and play around with them, but please resist. Best practice is to pop them straight into your vase of choice and leave them to 'settle'. During the settling process, you will notice that grasses and bunny tails start to 'drop' and 'open up'. Flowers such as delphinium, gypsophila and particularly strawflowers, have very brittle stems and these should be moved as little as possible to avoid excessive shedding.


Tip no.3

How to make your bouquet look more voluminous.

As previously mentioned, dried flowers can compress a little when they're in their protective packaging. I am regularly asked how customers can make their flowers look as voluminous as our product photos. The trick is to first let them settle. This can take a day or two, but the longer you have them, you will notice that the shape will change - it's part of their charm. After leaving to settle for as long as you can, you can go in and very gently use your fingertips to manually open the stems up a little. If you haven't done this before - and we cannot stress enough - be very very gentle! Stems such as ruscus leaves and eucalyptus leaves will be more forgiving and easier to 'open out' but flowers will start to shed, the more that you play with them so we'd advise not to play around with them. Focus more on adding volume by allowing pampas and reed grasses to open up more, it also helps by arranging your bouquet so that grasses plume from the outer edges.


Tip no. 4

Keep your colours brighter for longer.

Colours will fade over time, but if you'd like to slow the process, we recommend keeping your flowers out of direct sunlight.


Tip no. 5

Keep them somewhere they won't be disturbed.

Dried flowers are kept looking their best when you give them their space. The more that you move them around - or even accidentally knock them, the more that they will shed. They’re best suited to a spot where they won't be disturbed like a side table or shelf. If you're looking for a dining table centre piece that will be moved around a lot, they will still look gorgeous, but they might just shed a little more.

They’re also best kept out of reach of children and pets, as adorable as they are, being knocked by wagging tails or smushed in the hands of little ones is going to damage them considerably.